It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but I feel it couldn’t of happened any other way. Now we are getting ready to start doing some live shows and releasing some tracks! All this time in the studio working on music really pulled the band closer together as friends. I guess that was the real test. If we could survive working together in the studio after all this time then we really do have a special friendship among the group of us. Being in a band is like being in 3 different relationships. The trick is finding a wavelength that we can all communicate on and be honest with each other. Fortunately for us we have become friends/brothers first and being in a band supporting each others creative talents just happens to be a bonus aspect of that friendship. I’m truly blessed to have this special circle of talented artists in my life and i’m really looking forward to sharing the music with whomever has an ear to listen. Here’s a toast to an exciting future and may we all find some happiness in this adventure on the BusBus! First track “No Enemies” is finally on Spotify etc! Have a listen! 🙂